July 9, 2018

Mahayla – Lexington, Kentucky Equine Photographer –

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Starting this lovely Monday off by sharing one of my fav sessions from down south! Mahayla & I practically have grown up together…but hadn’t seen each other in 4-5 years, so you can imagine my excitement when she told me she wanted to book a horse & rider portrait session with her horse, Candlelight!


I love being in the middle of nowhere, however, I had a rather interesting road trip out to the farm that involved my GPS literally giving up on directions and a few different U-turns (totally legal, might I add). At one point during my journey there was a herd of cows loose in the road but hey! We made it (and no cattle were harmed in the process…so win-win). The West’s have the *most* beautiful farm tucked in the backroads of Millersburg with a few hundred acres of lush fields, cattle & horses. It’s a photographer’s dream, and so relaxing when my job takes me to little gems like this one!


We had a beautiful sunset to work with and at the end of the session, Mahayla asked if I would be able to take a few photos of herself with her cow, Sally (who was a bottle calf)…UM YES! Cuddly cows are also one of my favs. So off we went in the farm truck into a field of hundreds of black angus cattle to find miss Sally (who was also black…but somehow we found her! Lol). Moral of the story – I love the adventures my job takes me on! And give me all the animals…always! Enjoy this sneak peek of Mahayla’s beautiful session!



























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