April 27, 2019

Fear & Grace

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The past month has been a crazy ride, full of a lot of ups and some downs. I feel that the biggest lesson I’ve learned through it all is to push past your biggest fears, and trust in the fact that God is going to be there to catch you if you fall and be there to celebrate with you in your success. When you start to realize that people will always have opinions of you, you’ll most likely always have opinions of them, and we’re all just stumbling through life a little broken it’s a bit more of an eye-opening way to live. All of us can put up a front of “perfection”, whether that be social media or real life. All of us can pretend we’re doing just fine. But at the end of the day, God is the only one who knows us more intimately than we know ourselves. Nothing anyone says can misalign you, assign you, or confine you. And friends, I’ve got some good news for you, because your identity isn’t founded on you finding yourself. Read that again.


So often, we’re hard on ourselves. We wonder why we struggle with something no one else seems to be troubled by, something that’s as easy as breathing for others, why we fight this addiction, why we can’t seem to hold onto a stable relationship, why their business is more successful than ours, why our family is so dysfunctional, why we haven’t gotten that big promotion yet. How do you just plain become ashamed of who you are? No matter how hard we fight it, it can feel too late to change who we are. Like we’re stuck in this place, nowhere to go. We’re living the same day over and over. I’m going to tell you one thing right now, all of that, that ugly and less-than-enoughness LIE, is exactly what the devil wants you to believe. Some wounds cut so deep in us they become more than scars, but who we actually believe we are. We are found in them.


Maybe we all find it easier, safer, to feel like broken misfits in this world than to face the fact that we’re beloved. That we belong.


Friends, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Before you prove anything and after you’ve done everything wrong, grace embraces you. In broken places grace awaits. At the bottom of things grace waits. When you’ve hit rock bottom with no hope at your darkest worst, grace loves you and wraps you in the most beautiful light.


Grace is grace when it gives us what we’d never ask for but always needed, and moves us to become what we always wanted. But hardly ever the way we wanted. 


The beautiful, realest truth is this: you are always sufficient because God always gives you His all-sufficient grace. Regardless of what you’ve lost or who you’ve lost, or what bits of you have been broken off and lost – nothing in the past can change it, and nothing in the future can intimidate the reality of it.


You’re more than your hands do.

You’re more than your hands have.

You’re more than how other hands measure you.

You are what is written on God’s hands: Safe. Held. His. Beloved.


I encourage you to be brave. Your bravery and knowing Who’s you are wins a thousand battles you can’t see, and little do you know, your bravery strengthens a thousand others to win their battles too.









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