Hey ya'll, and welcome to my little corner of the internet! I'm actually super excited you're here. I'm not quite a northern or southern could say I'm a hybrid of sorts. I was born in northern Michigan but have spent most of my life living in Lexington, Kentucky. I currently reside back home in Michigan, right outside of Grand Rapids, but I strongly believe there's still a tiny little southern woman inside of me that lives on. I love sweet tea, big hair, cheese grits, I pretty much overdress for every occasion and in any case I will always say yes to bling. Growing up I was always the girl running around with a camera starting at about age 10. I jumped at every opportunity that came my way, whether it be family vacations, neighbor kids, friends, dogs, horses, you name it I was probably shooting it. With a ton of love and support from my amazing parents and close friends, my business officially launched in 2014. Jesus has been so unbelievably gracious to me in the doors He has opened and the people He has blessed me with since starting this amazing journey. I truly owe it all to Him.



give me all the peonies, please!

Days spent in the barn

these are my favorite days. I spent many summers growing up riding and showing hunter/jumper horses. the barn will always be my getaway place 

Old, white farmhouses

one of my biggest wishes is to completely renovate a big, white farmhouse into my dream home someday. to raise my future kiddos on land and let them grow up playing in the dirt and fresh air






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grand rapids, michigan